In February 2024, we received an inquiry from Mr. Ardit Konomi, a member of parliament of the Republic of Albania, who was interested in using “ecopon” for a reforestation project in Albania and neighboring countries.”

In recent years, wildfires have worsened in Albania and neighboring countries, resulting in the loss of much forest. “ecopon”, which decomposes into the soil as a container used for reforestation project, has attracted attention and has been introduced on a test basis since mid-March.

Collaborative Project by UNDP, Qendra MEET and gef

[ Reforestation Project ] 
Information for Ardit Konomi’s Facebook

This project is held by UNDP, Qendra MEET and gef.
Fertilizer and seeds are packed into “ecopon”, which are then loaded onto a drone and dispersed from the sky. Drones allow dispersing over a wide area in a short time.
Local residents are also cooperating in the filling work. It is planned to be implemented every month by the beginning of the year.
This project has started from one region of Albania, planning to expand to all of Albania and neighboring countries such as North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Greece in the future.

Seeds of acacia, birch, black pine, spruce, oak, hemlock, etc.
Packing fertilizer and seeds into “ecopon”
Dispersing  “ecopon” by drone

K2 STATION will continue to support this project.